Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 months old

Well this week Britton turned 3 months old. I took Friday off to spend the day with Britton and to take her for a 3 month follow up to the cardiologist to check out her heart murmur. Chad was not able to go to the doctor with us, I was a little nervous about this, but things turned out just fine. In fact we do not have to go back to see the cardiologist until she is 1 year old. Her heart murmur is getting better and we are past the time frame that it would get worse. Britton did very well during the EKG, listening, and then the sonogram. It is so hard to keep her absolutely still.

We have enjoyed a nice quiet weekend at home and not having to really do anything. We decided yesterday to have Britton's picture taken. The pictures turned out great, but the process was very trying. Our appointment was at 4 pm, they did not start on our pictures until almost 5 pm. We got done with one room and had to wait about 45 minutes for the next room and then another 45 minutes to view and order our pictures. Once we finally placed the order it was going to be another hour before they were printed so we decided to pick them up today. I think they were severely under staffed. I have attached a few of my favorites. I hope to get a couple of scrapbook pages done this next week for her book and will post pictures of those soon.

Thank you for peeking in on us.