Thursday, July 8, 2010

Giggling little Girl

Here is a video of Britton and her cousin Maddy playing on the Fourth of July. Remember to go to the bottom of the page and mute the music first.

I guess that I either need to post more videos or write down the way to upload these videos to the blog. I finally figured it out.

Have a great weekend!

4th of July and more.....

So let's see, I can't think of any great excuse for not updating in the past few weeks except that I am spending quality time with my baby.

There are a ton of pictures to share of what has been going on in our life. Britton is getting so big and we are having so much fun with this little girl. Her personality is really showing up now. She is getting so close to crawling. She is talking so much and we are enjoying her giggle. We celebrated Grandma's birthday, father's day and the fourth of July.

Here are the pictures and there is also a video at the end from the family fourth of July celebration. We have also spent some great times with really good friends. I also think that Britton has met her future boyfriend.

Clapping for Grandma on her birthday!

Father's Day! Spent the day with Daddy!

Dinner with friends and hugging Sam. Sam is 1 year older than Britton. I think they may be destined to be together later in life. If not a couple the best of friends!

Just Chillin'

Working on crawling.

Hanging out with oldest cousin Clint at the twin's baseball game. Just after this picture Britton pulled on Uncle Chris' hat with such force that Clint got the blame. Sorry Clint.

Meeting Lauren for the first time.

Hanging out with Renee at Travis and Jill's Whopper of a party. We had such fun. I think that fireworks lasted about 3 hours.

Hanging out with Daddy during the fireworks. She was never phased by them. She even fell asleep.

Fourth of July outfit.

First flower for Britton's hair. Lucky had to check it out.

One tired baby, after shopping with Grandma and Mommy. Daddy and Poppy (Grandpa Ray) were playing golf.

Britton and her Poppy!

I hope that everyone has a great Friday. I hope to finish Britton's room this weekend. I am still working on the characters for the walls and need to hang a few things, but we are almost there.

Thank you for checking in on us!