Monday, March 14, 2011


All, I can say is that these past several months have been hard to get through. For those of you that try to keep up with us, I am sorry that I have not been updating on a regular basis. I need to get better and I promise that I will try to keep up from here forward. The weather here has been crazy, Friday was close to 80, Saturday in the 60's, then last night sleet, rain, and snow. Today the weather has been cool, but now sunny. Friday evening we decided to join a couple of families from daycare at the park. Britton had an absolute ball. She went down the slide and was swinging. I did get a few pictures. Yesterday we spent the day with Chad's family and little miss got her bangs cut for the first time. Mommy did pretty well not crying but I tell you what she doesn't look like a baby anymore. She is truly one sweet and beautiful little toddler. I can't really believe that she is 17 months old. She has blessed our lives with so many things in such a short time. I am so thankful that she had almost a year with Poppy. She still floors me each and everyday with blowing Poppy kisses and looking at his picture and saying Love you! Tonight we were outside in the front yard and she kept wanting to go into the street. I finally made sure that she held my hand and then we walked together back to the house from the mailbox. She is just so smart.

First Haircut

At the park with Mommy and Daddy. Saying please for another push.

Wearing Poppy's baseball hat

Brent and Brian's Birthday party