Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well, this year has really been speeding by. I can't believe that I have not posted anything since September. Britton is now two years old and doing so well. We have suffered one bad cold, but no ear infections yet. I am still holding my breath waiting for the ear infections to start. It has been almost five months since her 2nd set of tubes were put in, I am hopeful that this really helps. This fall has been very mild so far. We have gotten to spend time at the zoo and Tanganyika Wildlife Park with our friends and planning a trip to the zoo next weekend if the weather continues to hold for us. We also went to the pumpkin patch with our friends.

In October we celebrated her birthday with a party at the zoo. Britton and her girlfriends had a ball. Even some of the older people (meaning those of us over the age of 6) had a good time. Chad's mom enjoyed being called grandma by all three girls. Halloween was a good time as well. Britton's daycare had a fall festival the Friday before Halloween and then on Sunday we took Britton out to Chad's grandparents and on Halloween we went to Amy and Ryan's to trick or treat for a little bit and then stopped by Nana's house. Little miss had a ball and made a killing on candy.

Britton had her two year check up at the doctor and is doing very well. She is in the 99% on weight and 88% on height. She is getting too big too fast. I still can't believe that she is only two. It feels like she has been in our life all along. We have been wonderfully blessed. We love her more and more each day. She is talking in full sentences, knows her ABC's, counts to 15 in English and 10 in Spanish. We are also in the process of potty training.

Grandma and her three granddaughters enjoying the zoo

Not so sure about the candles on the birthday cake.

Girls at Fall Festival celebration at daycare.

Trick or treating at Nana's house

One of our many trips to the zoo.

Britton and Carley riding a camel at Tanganyika

The girls at Walter's Pumpkin Patch

Best Friends (I love this picture)