Sunday, July 31, 2011

21 months continued...

July was a very busy month for us. We celebrated the 4th of July, made a quick trip to St. Louis, barbecue with friends, a family wedding, and finally a weekend of family time.

We are very fortunate that Britton has made some great friends at daycare and they have become known as the three musketeers. We really enjoy both girls parents and enjoy spending time with both families.

How could I forget that June included Britton's first full hair cut and another very special day. When we were going down the adoption road we had the support of all of our family and a couple of very special friends that followed down the same road. I am so happy that now all 3 families are complete with children. We got together with everyone for breakfast in June and it was such a joyous occasion. I know that if it weren't for these two girlfriends the road would have been so much harder, at least for me. They have been a real rock and sounding board for me.

She definitely was not quite ready to wake up.

Getting her first full haircut.

All 3 families are complete. Some of the best friends with a bond that will never be broken.

Britton the morning of her 2nd ear surgery.

Mommy and Britton feeding the goats.

Britton and her cousin.

She is definitely a fish.

The girls at the barbecue.

21 Months Old

Well, let's start with May. Over Memorial Day Weekend we decided to jump in the car and drive to St. Louis to see my grandfather. We needed to just go, since Grandpa had not yet met his Great Granddaughter. We were there for the weekend and knew that we could not spend all day in his room at the nursing home. We decided to try and wear Britton out a little bit by going places. We visited the zoo, Grants Farm, and the Magic House. We also had to get Grandpa custard from Ted Drew's. Britton was a great traveler and did very well with her Great Grandpa. At the time, little did we know that it would be the last time we got to see him. Grandpa went to be with Grandma on July 5th. This brought another trip to St Louis this summer. It was wonderful to see all of our family and to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's life together. The stories and time with family was truly special.

In June we stayed close to home with harvest going on and Chad working so much. We went to the zoo a few times and started really enjoying playing outside on the swing set or in her water table. We did finally receive the clearance to get little miss into the pool. June 13th Britton had a 2nd set of tubes and her adnoids removed. Hopefully this will give our baby girl some relief from these ear infections. She was a real trooper and did very well.

Then came the 4th of July. We went out to Chad's grandparents house for the afternoon and evening on the 3rd. We had a great time and Britton was scared to death of the fireworks. We continue to spend lots of time with my mom. Britton has surprised us a few times by telling us that Poppy is in heaven. It is absolutely adorable and can totally catch you off guard. She continues to be a happy little girl that is growing up way too fast.

Britton showing Monkey the Ipad after Great Grandpa's Memorial Service and remembering how to do raspberries. Thank you Aunt Debbie.

Allowing daddy to help her with her sparkler.

Waking up in a good mood over Memorial Day weekend.

Great Grandpa, Britton and Mommy - Britton just woke up from her nap.

Britton bottle feeding the goats at Grant Farms.