Monday, June 6, 2011

Easter, 18 months and so much more.....

This spring has brought so many changes with Britton. She has turned 18 months old and we are doing all sorts of things this year. I know kids grow up so fast, but now it is definitely going to fast. We had her 18 month check up and was informed by our doctor that she is doing things that a two year old should be doing. We also had a follow up with our ear specialist. I wish the news were better from him. Poor baby has been fighting ear infections in her right ear again. We had three rounds of antibiotics and the ear infection is still not any better. She will be having a second set of tubes put in and her adenoids removed next week. I know the procedure is needed, but I just wish the surgery wasn't they way to do it. I really hope this helps. Just before Easter we met Nana at Build a Bear to make a stuffed animal. This is not something i want to start all the time, but I would not mind it to be something special to do with Nana. Here is a picture of her "Lucky" dog. We could not help her, but any of the employees could do whatever they needed to. She went down the aisle with all the different animals and went straight to the dogs and said 'Lucky' since it looks so much like our dog at home.

We have had a zoo membership for several years. It has definitely been a necessity since Britton was born. This day we went over to the children's area. Britton would not have an issue with the account.

Easter Sunday was a cool day and we decided to go ahead and go out to Grandma and Grandpa's for the Easter Egg hunt. Once she caught on, she did not want to stop collecting eggs.

Our Godsons' had their birthday party at Cowtown as they both love to be cowboys. They had their cowboy hat, vest, and chaps on. Britton was the youngest one there and she was trying so hard to keep up with the boys. I was able to get this picture with her cowgirl hat on. We all had a great time.

The three musketeers. Britton has made some really great friends at daycare and we have been spending time with them at the zoo and at the park. Since where there is one the others are not far behind we have taken to calling them then three musketeers.