Monday, September 5, 2011

Where has the time gone...

My baby girl is getting so big. We have officially started the potty training. I don't know who it is harder on me or Britton. She is doing great at school and dry most of the day, but at home she doesn't want to try and go. We are fully in pull ups, no more diapers for her. The daycare center has already moved her into the two year old room. I know she is smart and that her good friends are in there. It just made sense to do it now instead of waiting two more months. She is so silly.

In August we took a vacation to Seattle, since I had to go for a few days of meetings. My dad flew up from Sacramento and we got to spend some time with Uncle Steve and Aunt Nina. We really had a great time and Britton really traveled very well. Whenever the plane took off Britton was lulled to sleep. What a treat for us since she was sitting on our laps.

Britton eating her first ice cream cone. This was the clean picture. We went over to Emma's house for dinner and play time a couple of weeks ago. The girls had an absolute blast.

Lying around at the park. Even in the 100+ degree heat we decided to take the girls to the park one evening after work.

Mommy, Britton and Grandpa in Seattle.

Family picture at a mexican restaurant in Seattle.

Watching the fish eat with Uncle Steve, after Britton fed the fish and had to taste the fish food herself.

It seems so hard to believe that we are planning her 2nd birthday party. It seems like just yesterday she was a newborn sleeping in my arms. I thank god everyday for the blessings he has given us. Thank you for peeking in on us. I am planning to attend a scrapping event in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I can get some pages done and share those with you all.

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